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Whether you’re looking for the right curtains to fit your bedroom, a comfortable throw for your sofa, other soft furnishings, or even a from-scratch consultation, we’ve got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of great questions from our customers. Here are a few of those questions with their answers, just in case any of these questions are yours too! If not, keep scrolling down and get in touch with us directly. We’re always happy to have a chat.

Are there any offers going on?

We have constant discounts available on various fabrics in stock throughout the year. During every January and July, we also have our famous “Offerta”, where all sewing services are on us.

How exactly does the “Offerta” work?

Those who place their order during the offer periods of January & July will benefit from free sewing services. This applies to all kinds of designs, from sheer curtains to bedspreads. You only pay for the fabrics, the sewing is free. Curtain accessories such as poles and rails, along with installation service is also available at a cost. There’s no minimum charge to this offer.

How does the consultation service work?

We first recommend you take the measurements of what you have in mind, then visit our shop. Then, you can take a look at the fabrics and designs we have available through a multitude of samples and photos of previous work we’ve done. At this point we can provide you with a quote. Once this is done, we’re more than happy to schedule an appointment to visit the installation location to verify the measurements and design.

How do I take measurements well?

If you already have rails or poles installed and you just wish to change the curtains, you need to measure the width of said rail or pole and the length from the top of rail to floor or desired length (if the curtain is not going to be floor length).

If you have nothing yet, measure the exact recess of the door or window – width and length. Also measure the space you have on either side where we can widen to determine the finished width. Measure also the length from the top of door or window to the ceiling (or to anything which is fixed on top such as an A/C or a picture frame). If this is a window and you want the curtain to be floor length, measure also from windowsill to floor.

We also find it very helpful when you bring a photo of the room that clearly shows the door or window.

How deep should I make the curtain bulkhead?

This depends on what you’re planning. For a sheer curtain, 10cm is enough. If you’d like both heavy curtains and a sheer with normal gathering tape, then you would need 15cm. If you wish to make the heavy curtains with wave heading and the sheer with normal heading, then you need approx. 18cm. If you want both sheer and heavy curtains with wave heading, then the bulkhead needs to be 25cm deep.

What kind of fabric is suitable for a bedroom?

There isn’t a specific fabric for specific rooms. Fabrics can be used in all rooms if they suit the style and colour schemes. A good starting point is deciding whether you want the curtains for privacy or just décor. For instance, some people already have blinds installed for privacy so they want the curtains for the sole purpose of creating an ambience and to decorate the room. In this case, you can opt just for patterned or plain sheer curtains, for example. If you require privacy, you need heavy curtains but can also have a sheer behind so that when the curtains are opened, the sheer shows.

Are all heavy fabrics blackout?

No. Only specific fabrics are complete blackout. Standard curtains are lined with regular lining which dims out a lot of the light however it is not designed for a complete blackout. If one requires a complete blackout, the curtains must be lined with blackout fabric or else a separate blackout curtain can be installed.

Are all your fabrics washable?

Yes – they’re all machine washable. Just be sure to use cold water (no more than 30°C) and select a delicate washing program.

Do I need to wash the lining before sewing?

No, our lining is pre-shrunk, so there is no need to wash before sewing as it will not shrink. That said, you should always ask when buying, just to be sure.

Are pelmets, such as swags and tails, washable?

Yes, they are. However it is not necessary to wash as frequently as the curtains. One can dust them and then arrange the pleats by hand, if needed.

How do you wash the padded boards?

They can’t be washed. However, one can wipe them with a damp cloth or with a steamer.

How should I wash curtains with eyelets to avoid them rusting or falling off?

When ordering your curtains, opt for heavy duty eyelets so that they won’t rust. Also, opt for eyelets to be pressed not clipped, so they won’t fall off for sure. Then, curtains can be washed normally with no fear!

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Excellent in every way, very helpful and very professional from start to finish, would highly recommend.

Kevin Bilham, April 2020

A extremely large selection of materials to choose from. Professional service and staff that are ready to help you with any questions.

Marlene Tabone, July 2019

Great service, very professional staff and highly recommended.

Rachel Mizzi Savona, November 2018

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