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Welcome to MG Home Interiors

As director of MG Home Interiors, Mary Tabone aspires to create a customer-friendly ambience with prompt service and sound client awareness; whilst instigating our mission statement of affordable quality products, professional customer care, conscientious supervision and advice on curtain design and implementation.

Fuelled with a natural ability and passion for design, Mary Tabone instigated her modest career as a seamstress evolving to window designer, the final cosmetic touch to every room. Now an icon in the field of window dressing, Mary boasts twenty years of experience in this realm.

In 2003 Mary Tabone was a regular guest on the programme ‘Niltaqghu It-Tnejn’ and as from 2007 Mary participated as co-presenter on ‘Niltaqghu’, promoting her popularity, demand and clientele. She also appears on regular educational slots on Kalamita on One Productions and Naskata on Favourite. She now presents a special episode of Ftit Minn Kollox, along with her panel of specialised guests; Mary explores all aspects of home décor.

Incorporating a genuine affection for her patrons, Mary Tabone has also created a book entitled, The Art of Elegant Living’, which contains a selection of descriptive sewing modules and features a medley of curtain creations beautifully illustrated with achievable ideas to creating your dream home.